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Birthdate:Oct 3
"Julia Kreig, an Action Force member. Dusty fell in love with her but on an operation in the Middle East they were attacked by Cobra and Kreig disappeared. Dusty subsequently tracked down the Cobra camp and killed all the guards, only to discover that Kreig was one of them."

Is that what they told you?

Allow me to tell you a different story...

Julia Krieg. Elite trooper in the Crimson Guard. Days not spent on Cobra assignments are spent as an accountant at one of the US' leading firms. Connection to G.I. Joe not yet established [if it ever will beā€”events may not lead to such a position in the future].

Julia Kreig is from G.I. Joe, and is the property of Hasbro, Inc. and all other rights-holders for any and all media forms. She appears in [info]milliways_bar [or any other RPG community at LiveJournal] for fun and no profit whatsoever.

I just do this because I have no life and unlimited free time to do things with.
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